TERMIS Symposium, Genova Italy 2014, June 10-13

ISCM  organize during TERMIS 2014 (www.termis.org/eu2014) the symposium:

Active Osteo-induction versus Passive Osteo-induction

Osteoinduction is the acceleration of new bone formation by chemical means. This term means that primitive, undifferentiated and pluripotent cells are somehow stimulated to develop into the bone-forming cell lineage. One proposed definition is the process by which osteogenesis is induced. In complement, Osteoinduction can be also define by active osteoinduction (as growth factors BMP activity), or passive osteoinduction (or osteostimulation) if the scaffolds was able, by its nano, micro and macrostructure, to induce/promote the osteogenic cell differentiation.

The purpose of the symposium will be to discuss the state of the art:

  1. On active Osteoinduction by  BMPs
  2. On Active Osteoinductive by peptides
  3. On  passive Osteoinduction from the materials point of view, smart Bioceramics
  4. On Association of active and passive osteoinduction for bone regeneration in clinical applications

The challenge of the symposium was to prove the concept of active versus passive osteoinduction and to explain the mechanisms. Point of view of scientific experts and surgeons active in this field will be discussed.

New physic-chemical tools for nano-micro imaging and 3D reconstruction, new tools for biological evaluation, new toll for normative requirements from CE and FDA, will be discussed. The integrated approach will be interdisciplinary from the conception, biological evaluation until clinical applications.