Bioceramics 26 – Barcelona

Bioceramics 26 Barcelona Spain 2014, november 6-8
Raquel LeGeros Award

The Racquel LeGeros Award is established to recognize, encourage and stimulate outstanding research contributions to the field of bioceramics and is annually presented during the Bioceramics International Symposium and Annual Meeting of the International Society for Ceramics in Medicine. It consists of a certificate, a plaque and a refund of the registration fee and travelling expenses to the conference, in addition to an economic remuneration.

The nominee must have contributed significantly to the knowledge in the fields of bioceramics and biomineralization, where Racquel LeGeros was a true pioneer, through basic, experimental and/or clinical research. He/she must in addition have largely contributed to the Bioceramics Conference in the past, and be registered in its present edition.

Candidates will be assessed by an independent Bioceramics Award Committee, currently chaired by Prof. Maria-Pau Ginebra, integrated by three members of the ISCM Executive Comitee and a representative of the Award Sponsor, Biomatlante SA (France), Himled (USA), EincoBio (Brazyl).

Any member of the International Society for Ceramics in Medicine may nominate candidates for the Raquel LeGeros Award. The proposer should send the curriculum vitae of the candidate along with a statement describing the reasons for nomination. The deadline for nomination of candidates for this award is the 30th September 2014.


25th Symposium and Annual Meeting of the International Society for Ceramics in Medicine

The 25th Symposium and Annual Meeting of the International Society for Ceramics in Medicine – BIOCERAMICS 25  will take place at the Conference Center from Howard-Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel, Bucharest, Romania during November 07-10th 2013. (

BIOCERAMICS 25 is the well established world-class event in bioceramics and the ceramics applications in medicine, and will bring together a panel of highly-accomplished experts from around the world working in different interdisciplinary areas: bioceramics processing and synthesis, bioceramics characterization and testing, cells and tissues interaction with bioceramics, tissue engineering, surface engineering and bioceramic coatings, adhesion and interface phenomena, biomineralization and biomimetics, biocomposites, clinical applications of bioceramics in medicine (especially in dentistry and orthopaedics). During the three-day conference, we will feature keynote addresses, plenary invited talks, a number of oral and poster sessions. Also, during the conference the participants will be able to visit the exhibition organized in the same area where will be present different companies interested to promote their products related to bioceramics synthesis and processing, bioceramics characterization and testing, tissue engineering products, dental and orthopaedic applications of bioceramics. The conference will enhance the networking of the participants with exceptional academic, clinical & industrial professionals and will act as a good platform to find partners for international research collaborationsIn addition to scientific events, you can take some reasonable time to visit the beautiful Bucharest and surrounding area.

We would kindly ask you to promote and distribute the BIOCERAMICS 25 Conference to your colleagues, research fellows, students, project collaborators, and any Networks/Forums/Associations you participate in!

On the conference website ( you could find all the relevant information regarding the conference! The registration process it’s now OPEN! The deadline for abstract submission is 10th May 2013.

Looking forward to seeing you in Bucharest in November 2013 during the BIOCERAMICS 25!

Best regards,

Iulian Antoniac

President, BIOCERAMICS 25

Bioceramics 24


Bioceramics 24


24th Symposium and Annual Meeting of International Society for Ceramics an Medicine (ISCM)

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to Japan to attend the 24th Symposium and Annual Meeting of the International Society for Ceramics in Medicine (Bioceramics 24), which will be held in Fukuoka from October 21-24, 2012.

Fukuoka is a cosmopolitan coastal city of 1.4 million residents, and is the largest city on the island of Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan’s four main islands. It is known as the gateway city to Asia and has a long history of economic and cultural exchanges with its Asian neighbors.

In 2010 Fukuoka was 14th in Monocle’s most livable cities index, and in 2006 was selected by Newsweek as one of the world’s 10 hottest cities. Fukuoka has a mix of traditional and modern architecture and is “one of the best places in the world to see the works of world-class contemporary architects side by side” (New York Times, September 24, 2006).

Fukuoka has important cultural and historical sites, and the island of Kyushu is known for its natural beauty and numerous hot springs. It is famous for its delicious seafood and convenient airport, which is just a 10-minute subway ride from the city centre.

We look forward to welcoming participants from countries around the world to Fukuoka in October 2012.

With Best Regards,
Presidents of Bioceramics-24

Kunio Ishikawa, Ph.D. Yukihide Iwamoto, MD, Ph.D.

World Biomaterials Symposia

We are organising a symposium, n° 44 Tissue engineering for osteoradionecrosis  at the 9th World Biomaterials Congress/meeting, which is taking place in Chengdu, China from June 1 – 5, 2012. We are delighted that two of the world leaders in the field, Daniel Alam from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, USA  and Prof. Olivier Malard, ENT department, Nantes Hospital France, have agreed to give a keynote presentation and a lecture at this symposium.

Treatment of squamous cell carcinomas requires large therapeutic surgical bone removal in association with external radiation therapy. The surgery can be performed either before a complementary radiation therapy, or after radiation therapy, as in the case of tumor recurrence. The side-effects of surgical treatments are major aesthetic and functional disorders know as Radionecrosis.The standard surgical technique of reconstruction is the use of micro-anastomosed free-flaps. Given these risks of failure and complications, the purpose of this symposia was to propose and discuss new surgical technologies alternatives. Smart  biomaterials has been considered as an alternative to autogenous bone grafts, in association with tissue engineering technolgy. Selected speakers will cover all the solutions in development.

This symposium is aimed Given your expertise in this area, you are cordially invited to submit an abstract for this symposium. The Abstract Submission is currently open and will close on September, 30Th, 2011. To be considered, please ensure to select our symposium from the list provided during the abstract submission process.

Best wishes,


Symposium n° 44 Tissue engineering for osteoradionecrosis

9th WBC Chengdu,China

New Century International

1 – 5 June 2012

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Deadline to submit September 30, 2011