ISACB 6 Nantes France June 5-8, 2013 Annoucement

ISACB 2013 Symposium – 6th International Symposium on Apatites and Correlative Biomaterials

5-8 June 2013
Nantes, France
Nantes University, INSERM U791 LIOAD Laboratory for Osteoarticular and Dental Engineering

This is a unique opportunity for all those involved in science, research and development, technology and clinical application of apatite and related biomaterials to come together with researchers, medical and dental clinicians, veterinary surgeons and allied health disciplines to promote the worldwide advancement of Apatite Science and Technology in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.
This specific Interdisciplinary Symposium integrate currently developed apatite and related experimental research and development and clinical needs. ISACB 5 was organized in 2010 in Australia. Three years after ISACB6 will be in Nantes, a recognized University for Bioceramics development. The policy of the symposium is also aims to provide inspiration for further growth and development of students.
It will be the aim of the 6th edition of the symposium to bring a single session meeting with invited lectures by international speakers and founders of ISACB. Innovative topics, new biotechnology approaches and stimulating clinical debates, will be led by a balance of international and national speakers and the opportunity for industry to contribute.
The meeting will pay particular interest to current needs, expectations, directions and goals for the progress of the development, production and use of apatite, apatite containing composites, apatite with biogenic additives, characterization methods, animal and clinical trials, clinical applications, properties and applications for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine by scientists and clinicians.
In addition to scientific events and the trade exhibit, you can take some reasonable time to visit the historical place of Nantes and most famous beach of Europe (La Baule), and to appreciate the French gastronomy with the Brittany sea food.

Session Topics
• Advances in research, development and applications of apatite and calcium phosphate biomaterials
• Bioceramics
• Bone grafts and cements
• Osteogenic-osteoinductive scaffolds
• Orthopedic and dental implant surface modification and coatings;
• Scaffolds for tissue engineering
• Biotechnology and Drug delivery systems
• MSC, growth-factor carriers and biogenics
• Cell and tissue response to biomaterials
• Nanomedicine and nanotechnology
• Clinical applications
• Commercialisation of tissue engineering implants

Abstracts Key Dates
Abstract submissions available through online access 30 march 2013
Abstract acceptance 15 April 2013
Full papers (to be published in 2013 issues of Bioceramics Development and Application, the ISCM Journal, International Society for Ceramic in Medicine) 30 may 2013


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