Bioceramics 25

Welcome to the BIOCERAMICS 25 congress
Dear Colleagues,
It is a great pleasure for me to invite you to Romania to attend the 25th Symposium and Annual Meeting of the International Society for Ceramics in Medicine (BIOCERAMICS25), which will be held in Bucharest from November 07-10, 2013.
Bucharest is Romania’s capital and largest city, as well as the most important industrial and commercial centre of the country. With more than 2.4 million in the urban area, Bucharest is one of the important cities in Europe and a booming city with many large infrastructure projects changing the old face of the city. Known in the past as “The Little Paris,” Bucharest has changed a lot lately, and today it has become a very interesting mix of old and new that has little to do with its initial reputation. Finding a 300 year old church near a steel-and-glass building that both sit next to a communist style building is commonplace in Bucharest. Bucharest offers some excellent attractions, and has cultivated a sophisticated, trendy, and modern sensibility that many have come to expect from a European capital.
We look forward to welcoming participants from countries around the world to Bucharest in November 2013.
With Best Regards,
President of Bioceramics-25
Iulian Antoniac, Ph.D.

International Society for Ceramics in Medicine (ISCM)
Romanian Society for Biomaterials
• UNAS [National Union of Stomatological Association]
• SOROT [Romanian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology]
• SRPDMF [Romanian Society of Maxillo-Facial Prosthodontics]
• CMDR [Romanian Dental Council]

Endorsed by
• European Society for Biomaterials (ESB)
• Biomaterials Network (
• Swiss Society for Biomaterials (SSB)
• Trans Tech Publications (Switzerland)


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